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At Future Help Designs, we’ve made mobile life great for some incredible companies.

Fortune 500 companies have enjoyed the mobile consultation, user design, and software expertise of Future Help Designs for the industries of Automotive, Entertainment, Digital Media, Government non-profit, Education, and many more.

We’re crafting the next era of mobile.

Future Help Designs will continue to help you enjoy your mobile world. Stay tuned for our new offerings for consultation, design, development and training.
We’ll be back on-line and on your phone shortly! If you need a quick consult please get in touch, and we’ll get you mobile ready


Two weeks ago we announced Future Help Designs newest project, Pontiac Entrepreneurs, and an upcoming BIG ANNOUNCEMENT –>  Well here it is!  https://gum.co/LmtT Growth hacking a business is the way to take the best practices and tools of other successful businesses and incorporating them as your own.  A few weeks ago we shared the TOOLS… Read More

Creating Marketing Habits in 21-Days

Habits get formed with a period of 21 or more days.  If you had the tools and a process that was 21 days in the making could you create a new business?  Would you have the skills and habits to continue to grow your business? Growth hackers look at how others do their business tricks, and what tools they… Read More

Pontiac Entrepreneurs is looking for you

Where are you in your entrepreneur stage? Pontiac Entrepreneurs is looking for you.  Check out our Twitter post to help answer your stage of growth. Maybe you were previously an entrepreneur, or you are in the middle of an entrepreneur project, or you’re brewing an idea right now and want to become an entrepreneur.  We’re looking to… Read More